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The collagen peptides type 1 & 3 in Collagen support collagen in tendons ligaments hair skin nails and lean muscle. These two types of collagen are the main types found in connective tissue making up 90% of the body’s total collagen content.

Helps with collagen production for healthier hair, nails and bones. Use it in the place of gelatine for those hunger pangs inbetween meals! Collagen aids in digestion by breaking down proteins and soothing the lining of the gut. It “seals and heals” the protective lining of the gastrointestinal tract by helping to form connective tissue and infusing the whole system with healing amino acids. It has been shown to have soothing properties that help promote an overall healthier, less agitated digestive system.


Pure collagen

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94 Collagen Unflavoured available.

R399.00 R369.00