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If you want to shed some kilos and body fat, get fitter, and boost your health, you are in the right place! Fasting has a long history of enhancing weight loss and longevity. Intermittent fasting, a modern form of fasting that is one of the hottest health and fitness trends in the world, has become very popular in recent years, because many people find it easier to stick to than traditional, very strict, calorie-counting diets. It’s a simple idea, which makes it easy to follow without feeling deprived like other diets. In other words, intermittent fasting means freedom! Intermittent fasting is not a diet in the usual sense, but an eating pattern - a timed way of eating. We provide you with all the tools you need to follow an intermittent fasting plan.

Find out why simply changing the timing of your meals to include regular breaks in eating can have such a positive impact on your body with our Comprehensive Intermittent Fasting Guide and Maintenance Plan E-Manual, packed with information.

Intermittent Fasting Guide

What is in the bundle?

  1. Fasting Explained

  2. Benefits of Fasting

  3. Fasting And Spirituality

  4. Fasting And Psychology

  5. Fasting And Health

  6. Fasting And Gut Health

  7. Fasting And The Immune System

  8. Fasting And The Brain

  9. Fasting And Superior Mental Performance

  10. Fasting And The Mitochondria

  11. Fasting And Better Physical Fitness

  12. How Intermittent Fasting Works For Dummies (And Normal People Like Us!)

  13. Fasting To Lose Weight & Sustainable Weight Loss

  14. Different Types Of Fasting

  15. Which Type Of Intermittent Fasting Should You Choose?

  16. What To Drink While Fasting

  17. How To Break A Fast

  18. Physiologic Side Effects Of Fasting

  19. Optimal Eating For Healthy Bodies

  20. What Should I Eat For Optimum Health And Weight Loss/Maintenance?

  21. General Dietary Guidelines

  22. Why Counting Calories Count (Or Is It Why Calorie Counting Counts?)

  23. Pro Tips For Fasting

  24. How To Exercise While Fasting

  25. Who Should Not Fast?

  26. Quick FAQ’s Referral Guide

  27. Personal If Tips

  28. Most Asked Questions

  29. 16/8 Intermittent Fasting 28 Day Comprehensive Menu

  30. Top Ten Intermittent Fasting Recipes

Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle Templates

What are in the templates?

The Lifestyle Templates are filled to the brim with every single thing you will need to have success with your IF or Maintenance Plan!:

  • Daily Personal Planner

  • Daily Personal Planner Kids’ Activities

  • Weekly Planner

  • Monthly Planner

  • Monthly Goals

  • Monthly Budget

  • Month In Review

  • Food Journal

  • Fasting Protocol Worksheet

  • Daily Body Measurement

  • Weekly Body Measurement

  • Fitness Planner

  • Workout Planner

  • Running Log

  • Cardio Workouts

  • Walking To Running

  • Easy Exercises

  • Daily Gratitude Journal

  • Monthly Focus

  • Self Love Planner

  • Self Care Challenge

  • Self Love Questionnaire

  • Self Care Checklist

  • Healthy Habits Tracker

  • Self Care Wheel Of Life

  • Dear Diary

  • Notes

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