Hydrovit Hydration and Vitamins

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Hydrovit is used to hydrate or rehydrate the body during or after physical work. 

The aim when formulating this product was to prevent cramping and injury and to enhance productivity and energy whilst hydrating the body. 

B12 was added for sustained energy and many other health benefits. 

Use of Hydrovit will also promote mental focus and help with continuous hydration as it helps you to drink water! 

12 Sachets per pack. You dissolve  1 sachet in 500-900ml of water, depending on personal preference. 

It is conveniently packaged for ease of use, is sugar free and there is no ‘crash’ involved as it is completely caffeine free and at only 28 kilojoules it’s ‘sin-free’ 😉   

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R199.00 R169.00